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Diamond Studded – CZs

Earrings with designs for small rotary effect

4664-065-245x245 View a List 3 Stone Color Ring

Available on backorder

2726-006-245x245 View a List Fancy Color Diamond
09rcj333-245x184 View a List Roberto Coin Necklace

In stock

4909-020-245x245 View a List Fancy Color Diamond Eternity Band
LR4801Y44JJ-1-245x245 View a List 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Stackable Ring

In stock

LQ7300E-245x245 View a List Earrings
05dwh1247-245x245 View a List White Gold Inside Out Hoop Earrings
05lge3877-245x245 View a List Sissy's Earrings

In stock

04mmj452-245x184 View a List Mikimoto Earrings

In stock

05dwh1249-245x245 View a List Black Diamond Earrings
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