‘Tis The Season…to get ENGAGED!

Christmas Engagements with Henri Daussi

by Amber Cullipher, Sales Professional – Pine Bluff

The elves at Sissy’s Log Cabin have hand selected and stocked up on engagement rings just in time for the Holiday season. One of our favorite new designers is Henri Daussi. Their stunning rings are unlike any of the other designers we carry. Henri Daussi is one of the premier diamond cutters and designers in fine jewelry.Their rings are both bold and elegant with great attention to detail. What makes Henri Daussi rings so unique? Their craftsmanship, attention to detail and top of the line materials. They took the most popular design of engagement rings and added their own special twist. Here is the twist – they use diamonds unlike any other!

christmas-engagement-ring-henry-daussi-800x586 'Tis The Season...to get ENGAGED!

Henri Daussi rings exude the elegance and opulence that comes standard with each of their designs. Founded more than 60 years ago in Antwerp Belgium by Henri Daussi Loots, this brand’s passion and expertise for diamond cutting sets it apart. More than just beautifully designed rings, the diamonds are cut with renowned skill passed down through the family business. Daussi designs emphasize perfectly cut diamonds, minimal metal on the settings, and a range of designs that seems to span the entire history of jewelry. Each Henri Daussi design is handcrafted in New York to ensure the highest quality for your newest family heirloom.


IMG_3177-800x600 'Tis The Season...to get ENGAGED!

(05AND 1820 – AW173)

Henri Daussi began as a diamond cutting company. It’s been handed down for generations through the Loots family, and the founder’s famous diamonds were in such high demand that it only made sense to start designing rings around those phenomenal Daussi diamonds – especially the cushion cut. The brand was founded in Antwerp Belgium, also known as the diamond capitol of the world. It has been passed down from generation to generation staying true to the highest standards. Each diamond is carefully hand selected and polished according to specific dimensions founded by the Loots family. Although you can select a Henri Daussi ring featuring any shape center stone, they are most known for their cushion cuts. Henri Daussi cuts their own cushion diamonds and they appear 30% larger than your traditional cushion cut diamonds! So when the focal point of your engagement ring is so unique, it only makes sense for the setting to stand out too! 

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(05AND 1833 AMDS09980)

With that being said, Henri Daussi will gladly accommodate any shape or size diamond you select. Whether you hand select a diamond from Sissy’s Log Cabin, or use your own diamond. Each engagement ring is designed around the center diamond. No two are alike. Henri Daussi will handcraft the perfect setting based on the diamonds unique proportions. 

These engagement rings are handcrafted with the center diamond being the focus, which is why you will only see that our Henri Daussi showcase has a completed ring and not just the mounting.

IMG_3181-800x600 'Tis The Season...to get ENGAGED!

(05LWR 11491 ACMB150)

When you are looking for a ring unlike any other, Henri Daussi is the designer for you.