The Perfect Engagement Ring


With so many engagement rings to choose from, how can you possibly select the right one?

Selecting that very special diamond ring is a memorable and important task! Since you’re the one who will ultimately be wearing the diamond ring, we have some simple, yet intelligent, tips for you…

  1. Be informed on your desired style.
    Not only is the ring a symbol of your love for one another, it will be something undoubtedly worn every day; therefore you want to make sure that the style of the ring is a true reflection of your own personal look. There are numerous styles to choose from with regards to diamond cut and setting. At a loss on where to start? Each ring is special and beautiful in it’s own way, however here is a look at some of the trending styles to get the wheels turning:

    perfect-engagement-ring The Perfect Engagement Ring

  2. Go with the first ring you love.
    This is possibly our best advice. While you do not want to rush things, being indecisive will stall the entire process- and who really wants to delay your loved one popping that very special question?! Just like when you found that perfect someone: when you know, you know. If you are confident in a specific style (see tip no. 1) and the ring makes your heart skip a beat, then that’s the right ring for you!
  3. Shop for engagement rings in person.
    While you can browse online all you want, there is nothing like seeing high quality diamond rings in person. Physically coming into the store allows our staff the opportunity to pinpoint exactly the ring you are looking for. If you are partial to a certain diamond cut or setting style, please let us know! We love to learn about your individual preferences and we will easily be able to direct you toward rings that suit your style and taste. In fact, we even recommend that our brides come see us before sending in their future groom! Most women find it relaxing to be able to select their own ring in private and then allowing their significant other to come in on his own when his schedule allows. Whatever the style or setting, we are confident the perfect engagement ring is out there for you, and we are more than happy to help you find it!

Happy shopping!