The Facts Behind the Flame

Understanding Fire Polish

You’re style is hot, but don’t you think it’s time you set it on fire? Fire Polish has what it takes to bring your look to the next level. It’s the collection that represents burning love and passion with colors like you’ve never seen before. It’s time to get lost in the flames. Can you handle the heat?

Why did it catch our eye?

Not only did these diamonds literally cast a rainbow in front of our eyes, but they use high-tech cutting techniques that are the same ones used in computer chip design to accomplish the effects! We also learned that it is one of the first big changes in the diamond industry in nearly 100 years. And like most modern luxuries, we have technology to thank.

How does it work?

This diamond is designed to achieve the ultimate brilliance and sparkle. Using a proprietary cutting technique, a skilled master diamond cutter will insert high-resolution grating patterns into certain facets of the diamond. They’re called microprisms and they are hidden to the visible eye. In fact, they are so tiny that they collect almost all of the light that would normally escape a diamond facet, and throws that light back up through the diamond, creating that beautiful rainbow effect.

How do you get your hands on Fire Prism Technology?

If you’re a trendsetter, and are in love with these rainbow diamonds as much as we are, you can find them exclusively at a local jeweler, Sissy’s Log Cabin. They are extremely helpful, and have been around for generations.

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