The Holiday Seven: Stackables and Layers

Giving gifts that allow custom style every day is a sure way to bring the bling all year long.  

stackable-rings The Holiday Seven: Stackables and LayersThat’s the beauty of stackable rings. Stacking and layering your bracelets and rings let’s you control the fashion vibes you’ll be sending out daily.

Creativity is key with this fashion forward trend, alternating between thick and thin ring sets can give a dynamic ring style.

Mixing up rose gold pieces with white gold can also create a gorgeous standout performance on your finger.

This trend might take some time to build out your ring selections. We encourage you to buy strategically. Start with one or two pieces you really like and grow from there.

For stackable rings, look for east-west settings that allow easy stacking. For bracelets, quality is extremely important since they have more opportunity to clank up against each other.

Make sure your stackable bracelets have secure settings and attachments that are well secured.


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