Sharri’s Fashion Picks

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Fashion has a new leader and her name is Sharri Jones.

Sharri doesn’t follow trends. She makes them. Tell Sharri otherwise and she’ll politely disagree, “No, I don’t get into that, I just know what I like,” but we know better. Girl has style.

Sharri’s go-to pieces are a long diamond necklace that she wears drapped across the chest, her canary pinky ring she received as a 25th wedding anniversary present, and her rose and green gold Deco bracelet. The diamond necklace she loves for all day wear; perfect for long and casual styling during the day, with an elegance that can cross over into the night. “Not trendy, but timeless,” Sharri adds.

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Sharri’s fashion advise? Pick one. Chunky, heavy earrings or bracelet, or a statement necklace, but only one. Only ever one.
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“All my pieces have a story behind them,” Sharri explains. “The jewelry helps you remember the story and makes the whole experience more fun.” That Deco bracelet Sharri loves so much? She affectionately calls it her ‘Argentina bracelet’ because it was a gift from her husband, Bill, during his dove-hunting trip in South America. Sharri recalls that Bill spent as much money on her bracelet as he did on all the gun shells spent on the hunting trip. She was quick to add, “He’s a great shot!”

Style icons for Sharri include Lana Turner, Joan Crawford, and Bette Davis. All ladies who wore pinkie rings. “I love vintage movies,” Sharri says. Sharri’s timeless diamond and pearl earrings look straight from a classic Hollywood film of a distant era. Her ability to combine new and old styles is what makes her look so stunning.

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