Proposal Checklist

So you’re planning to pop the question. Congratulations! Now it’s up to you to give Ms. Right the fairytale she’s dreamed about her whole life. (No pressure!) Luckily, there are a few simple tips that you can follow to ensure you get it right. Let’s think about it in football terms:

  1. The game plan: (Know her expectations) You’re the quarterback. It’s your job to know what’s going on and execute the play. The most important thing to consider is what her expectations are. Does she expect something big and extravagant or low-key and intimate? Indoors or outdoors? Some girls prefer twinkle lights while others want “Will you marry me?” written on a giant billboard. What kind of girl is she? You need these details for the next quarter of the game. Check her Pinterest board, ask her friends and listen closely.
  2. Get a home-field advantage: (Plan the location) Don’t let yourself get so caught up in the game that you forget to come prepared. It’s important to know the location and plan accordingly. If it’s outside, is there a chance it might rain? Is she dressed for the occasion? Are you? Is it a place where you can hear each other? Plan for a place that’s meaningful, romantic and proposal-appropriate.
  3. Gear up: (The RING) You wouldn’t go to a football game with a baseball bat would you? The same principle applies to rings. This is the symbol of your love that she’ll proudly wear for the rest of her life. She knows what she wants. Ask her ahead of time and make sure to get pictures to show the jeweler. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction. Make sure she’s certain about the cut/shape and isn’t going to change her mind. Also, know her ring size.
  4. Play to the fans: (Family and friends) One of the best parts of executing the perfect play is having your fans cheer you on.This occasion will be one that she wants to share with her friends and family. It’s possible that she might want all her loved ones surrounding her while it happens. Or, she might prefer it be just the two of you. If that’s the case, plan an engagement party for after the proposal with everyone waiting to congratulate you both.
  5. Execute the play: (The day of) It’s time for the pregame pump up speech. You’ve planned everything down to the smallest detail. You’re ready. You’ve got the plan, the ring, the spot and the girl. Take time in the day to remember why you’re doing this in the first place. She’s the love of your life. Don’t be nervous. You’ve made it through every obstacle. All that’s left is going for the win.

Touchdown! She said YES! It’s a game to remember and now you have your teammate for life.

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