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forever-after-diamond-logo-white The Forever After Diamond

More Facets, More Brilliance, More Exclusive

Sissy's Log Cabin has the largest selection of loose diamonds, including the Forever After Diamond, in the South.

More facets

More brilliance

More exclusive

Give her more...
For a forever love, you need a forever diamond.

before-diamond The Forever After Diamond


after-diamond The Forever After Diamond

and Forever After

forever-after-diamond-thirty-percent-brighter-800x800 The Forever After Diamond
forever-after-diamond-logo-300x103 The Forever After Diamond

Our signature diamond is unlike any other diamond in the world. This brilliant diamond sparkles and radiates light in an entirely new way, due to the unique 81 facets rather than the standard 57. These additional facets reflect more light than a traditional diamond, giving the Forever After Diamond ® a noticeably brighter shine and increased radiance that you'll have to see for yourself.