Most Asked Questions About Silver: Answered

We know how much you love your silver, and we want you to get the most out of your favorite pieces! That’s why we have the scoop on some of the most asked questions about silver.

1) What’s the best way to properly care for my silver?

Sissy’s is always happy to answer any questions you have regarding how to best care for you silver or white gold pieces. We also are happy to clean your pieces if you stop by one of our four locations. We suggest showing your silver some love by making it a priority to bring your pieces in for professional care. You also want to make sure you’re caring of your silver at home. For at- home care, you can start with a silver polishing cloth to avoid scratches. (Cloths are inexpensive and last a long time). To get rid of dark spots, you can soak your silver in a solution of hot water and baking soda for 20-30 minutes. This should restore your silver’s luster and shine!

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2) Where should I store my silver jewelry?

What you want to remember when storing your jewelry is to keep it in a safe place. Avoid leaving it in places that will corrode the surface such as humidity, oils from the skin, perfume, lotion and hair products. To protect your silver, wipe it off with a polishing cloth before storing it. Choose a space for each piece that’s dark and dry, such as a drawer or jewelry box. Allow each piece to have plenty of space, without being tangled with other pieces. This will ensure your silver a longer lifetime.

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3) What are different ways I can style my favorite silver pieces?

Silver can be your go-to for every season. Use it to dress your outfit up or down with these simple tips.

A dainty silver necklace or simple bracelet stack are great options to bring your whole look together. Choose a pair of silver earrings to add luster to your face. As fall starts to arrive, pay attention to pieces that can be paired with chunky knit sweaters, flannels and boots. 

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4) How do I determine which silver pieces are perfect to match my style?

The key to picking the perfect silver or white gold pieces is choosing those that fit your style. Think about your personality and what you like. Base your decisions on what you’re going to feel most confident in. Sissy’s is always ready to walk with you through your journey to find the silver jewelry you’ll love. We’re happy to have you come in and discuss exactly what you’re looking for in a comfortable and caring atmosphere that will make your buying experience one to remember. 

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5) Can I mix my silver with other pieces of jewelry?

We want you to show off your jewelry, so that you can enjoy your favorite Sissy’s pieces all the time. Consider pairing a silver bracelet with your smartwatch to add a chic flare to your modern style. Silver hoops and simple bangles are staples to your collection, especially for mixing jewelry.

We can’t wait to celebrate this season of silver with you during Sissy’s Silver September! Join us this month and fall in love with these stunning silver pieces at Sissy’s Log Cabin. See you there! 

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