Jewelry Trends for Fall 2019

Fall is around the corner, and we just know you’ll fall in love with these stylish ideas! At Sissy’s, we don’t just stock a variety of jewelry. For almost 50 years, we have scoured all the markets and trunk shows in the industry for the best quality pieces and the latest trends. Take a look at some of our favorite jewelry trends for autumn 2019!

Jewelry Trends for Fall 2019

Eye-catching-Earrings-_-Lagos_300x300 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2019

Eye-Catching Earrings

The longer and more sparkly the jewelry, the bolder the statement. Step out of your comfort zone with a pair of earrings that have a unique shape, dangle gracefully or just demand attention with a pop of cool color. Sissy’s is the perfect place to design your very own custom piece with the help of our jewelry experts! If you’re going to stand out with a bold statement earring, you ought to make sure that statement is uniquely yours.


Yellow-Gold-_-Lagos_300x300 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2019

Yellow Gold

Warm, classic yellow gold is truly timeless. This elegant jewelry shines its brightest in the fall. A cup of hot cocoa just isn’t the same without it. Try on an elegant emerald ring to compliment your autumn ensemble, or simply stack a few yellow gold bracelets for an effortless look.


Fire-Polish_300x300 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2019

Fiery Sparkle

Shine bright with a high-intensity Fire Polish diamond that’s sure to turn heads. You’ll fall hard for the rainbow of twinkling color that appears before your eyes. These diamonds have thousands of microscopic prisms cut into them, creating a stunning sparkle that cannot be replicated any other way. Play with fire — your rings will sizzle like never before.


LayeredNecklaces_John-Hardy_300x300 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2019

Layered Necklaces

From delicate gold chains to chunky pendants and wrapped gemstones, layering necklaces is one of the most popular fall jewelry trends this year. Layer your old favorites with new stunners by expanding your collection with unique finds from estate shows. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the looks you can serve up, from subtle to distinct.


Beaded-Bracelet-_-Lagos_300x300 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2019

Beaded Bracelets

One jewelry trend we’re absolutely living for right now is the chic beaded bracelet. It will polish off any fall look, from casual to formal. Add a bracelet with a tasteful touch of diamonds to your wardrobe for some everyday glam, or layer up with a new addition to your stack from the latest Lagos collection. Hello, oversized sweaters, meet your new best friends.


Cocktail-Ring-_-John-Hardy_300x300 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2019

Cocktail Rings

Take your look to the next level with a colorful diamond and gemstone cocktail ring. Cocktail rings are larger than normal rings, and designed to be an eye-catching focal point of your outfit. Grab the attention of those around you even in the simplest, coziest of ensembles. The cocktail ring is a go-to staple that will sparkle in the light of a bonfire and in the candlelight of dinner. We promise you’ll thank us later.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about autumn! With the help of these charming fall jewelry trends, you can amplify your look all season long. From one-of-a-kind pieces crafted by the Sissy’s jewelers, to pieces from all of your favorite brands and designers, you’re sure to find something you’ll love at Sissy’s Log Cabin. Visit one of our locations in Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Jonesboro or Memphis to find your perfect match with some help from our jewelry experts!

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