Get Your Ring Spring Cleaned

The first time you laid eyes on your engagement ring, it was so beautiful you couldn’t quite believe it was really yours. The gleam of the shiny metal, the way the brilliant stone caught the light… it was all simply captivating. While that was a once-in-a-lifetime moment, you can have that feeling again. All it takes is a little spring cleaning – spring ring cleaning that is.

Regular professional ring cleanings are an important part of maintaining your ring’s brilliance and shine. Any piece you regularly wear, particularly your engagement ring, accumulates dirt, grime, soaps, lotions and other products that leave behind a dulling layer of residue – and that simply won’t do.

At Sissy’s Log Cabin, we clean rings purchased from our store as well as those purchased elsewhere – we simply can’t let a lackluster, cloudy ring leave our sight until it’s as dazzling as the day you bought it. We restore each piece to its full brilliance through a three-step process: Clean, polish and steam. Aside from a simple warm water and dish soap soak, our method is the only form of cleaning we recommend. Most at-home options are too abrasive, and will damage your ring in the process of removing dirt and grime.

At Sissy’s Log Cabin, we’ll clean your ring until it’s as brilliant, dazzling and perfect as the day you first saw it – completely free of charge. We’ll also carefully check your ring to make sure the band and setting aren’t warped, and that all stones are secure. If we do find the integrity of your ring is compromised, our jewelry experts can fix the problem to ensure you don’t lose any stones, often on the spot. Stop by any of our locations in Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Jonesboro or Memphis to have your ring spring cleaned and restored to its maximum brilliance.

Photo Credits: Uneek Jewelry