Finding treasure in an Estate Jewelry Collection

As a trusted vendor of estate jewelry, we believe it is our responsibility to provide enthusiasts and collectors with the tools and resources to buy estate pieces safely and effectively.

Here are Sissy’s top recommendations and tips for sourcing estate jewelry:

1. Make sure you find a reputable estate jewelry vendor
Especially for those who seek fine estate jewelry, it’s essential to find a vendor that is established and trusted within your community. In most cases, a reputable vendor ensures a standard of quality and authenticity. Moreover, a trusted jeweler will be more forthcoming with information about the history and condition of the piece. Many of these vendors, like Sissy’s Log Cabin, will protect you with sales policies and provide a guarantee of authenticity. The best ways to find trusted estate jewelry vendors are through:

  • Referrals from friends/family
  • Research and in-person visits

2. Do your Research
Experienced jewelry collectors often know what they’re looking for before they visit a vendor. Whether you are looking for a specific gemstone or jewelry from a specific time period, we recommend you do your research before you shop. Whether you’ve got your eye on mid-century jewelry or contemporary pieces, identifying typical characteristics of the jewelry you’re looking for can help you determine its authenticity and value.

As an addendum to the research step, inspecting the jewelry is an important part of the process. This will give you an understanding of overall condition, a realistic idea of price and whether or not the jewelry is genuine – especially if you’re looking for an artist’s signature.

A Tip for First-Timers: An important clarification is that estate jewelry and antique jewelry are not the same thing. Antique jewelry refers to pieces that are over 100 years old (pre-1918), and estate jewelry refers to pre-owned jewelry.

3. Ask the Right Questions
The reason you need to ask questions is twofold. Firstly, with estate jewelry, the story is part of what makes estate jewelry unique. Where did the vendor buy the jewelry? How old is it? Has any part of it been replaced? Secondly, asking questions gives you a better idea of its authenticity and it helps you gain valuable information about repairs and care instructions.

4. Understand how retailers price estate jewelry
It’s important to understand how estate jewelry is priced at jewelry retailers so that you can adjust your budgets accordingly. The first and most important criteria for retailers is to determine whether the jewelry is fine or costume. We then examine the materials used and the gemstones on the piece to determine condition, rarity and provenance. All the aforementioned factors and research about similar pieces help us determine a fair and competitive price to sell at. So, as a buyer of estate jewelry, we encourage customers who are looking for a specific type of estate jewelry to find out what similar pieces have been sold at.

Sissy’s Log Cabin is proud to curate a diverse collection of estate jewelry. If you’re new to the world of estate jewelry or have any questions about authenticity and appraisals, vendors of estate jewelry, or want to view Sissy’s Log Cabin’s estate jewelry collection, fill out our form below, and one of our expert staff members will reach out to you as soon as they can.

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