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Sissy's Log Cabin Blog

Why Precious Metals Matter in Fine Jewelry

When you’re shopping for jewelry, what catches your eye first: the stone or the metal?  More often than not, it’s the stone. And, we can’t blame you! That stone, particularly if it’s a diamond — let alone a Fire Polish Diamond — can be absolutely breathtaking. But, that doesn’t mean you should completely discount the metal.  Metal types, especially those deemed precious for jewelry, can affect everything from the overall quality of a piece to its… Continue reading

Fire Polish Diamonds Burn Bright this Fall

We all have an idea of the perfect diamond. For some, bigger is better. For others, it’s a marquise or princess cut. But, did you know that there is actually an ideal diamond thanks to one Marcel Tolkowsky?  If you’re unfamiliar with the name, Tolkowsky revolutionized the diamond-cutting industry. In 1919, the renowned mathematician and gemologist came up with the perfect proportions for a diamond cut — a round brilliant with 58 facets: 33 on… Continue reading

2019’s Top Engagement Ring Trends

The traditional round diamond ring is giving way to a wave of both vintage and modern trends that have breathed a new style of elegance into engagement ring fashion. Whether you prefer a modern pear shape with ruby accents or a classic, time-honored design, Sissy’s Log Cabin jewelry professionals are here to help you create the ring of your dreams. Here are the three of 2019’s top engagement ring trends: Pear and Oval While the… Continue reading

Proposal Checklist

So you’re planning to pop the question. Congratulations! Now it’s up to you to give Ms. Right the fairytale she’s dreamed about her whole life. (No pressure!) Luckily, there are a few simple tips that you can follow to ensure you get it right. Let’s think about it in football terms: The game plan: (Know her expectations) You’re the quarterback. It’s your job to know what’s going on and execute the play. The most important… Continue reading

‘Tis The Season…to get ENGAGED!

Christmas Engagements with Henri Daussi

by Amber Cullipher, Sales Professional - Pine Bluff The elves at Sissy's Log Cabin have hand selected and stocked up on engagement rings just in time for the Holiday season. One of our favorite new designers is Henri Daussi. Their stunning rings are unlike any of the other designers we carry. Henri Daussi is one of the premier diamond cutters and designers in fine jewelry.Their rings are both bold and elegant with great attention to… Continue reading

The Perfect Engagement Ring


With so many engagement rings to choose from, how can you possibly select the right one? Selecting that very special diamond ring is a memorable and important task! Since you’re the one who will ultimately be wearing the diamond ring, we have some simple, yet intelligent, tips for you… Be informed on your desired style.Not only is the ring a symbol of your love for one another, it will be something undoubtedly worn every day;…

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