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Sissy's Log Cabin Blog

Why Precious Metals Matter in Fine Jewelry

When you’re shopping for jewelry, what catches your eye first: the stone or the metal?  More often than not, it’s the stone. And, we can’t blame you! That stone, particularly if it’s a diamond — let alone a Fire Polish Diamond — can be absolutely breathtaking. But, that doesn’t mean you should completely discount the metal.  Metal types, especially those deemed precious for jewelry, can affect everything from the overall quality of a piece to its… Continue reading

What to Wear to A Tailgate: Our Jewelry Lookbook

Football season is officially in full swing, and that means you’re likely going to some sort of tailgate or watch party week after week. You may think that tailgating and football are all about eating hearty foods, drinking your beverage of choice, dressing down and rooting for your team. But, just like glamping, there’s a way to elevate your football fashion game — with eye-catching jewelry, of course.  And, what better way to cheer on… Continue reading

The Difference Between Estate, Vintage and Antique Jewelry

It may seem the terms “estate,” “vintage” and “antique” are used interchangeably when referring to second-hand jewelry, yet each term has its own distinct meaning. In fact, you can easily find out how educated someone is about a piece of jewelry based on how correctly they use these three terms. Read on to learn more about the meaning behind estate, vintage and antique jewelry. Estate Jewelry Estate jewelry is a general term that refers to… Continue reading

5 Styling Hacks to Make Your Suit Go Farther This Summer Season

The summer months – and wedding season – are fast approaching, along with lots of opportunities to bust out your best suit. Though you may enjoy dressing up, it’s easy for your look to start feeling repetitive as you wear the same suit to event after event. Freshening up your outfit doesn’t require purchasing a completely new ensemble, though; all you need is one or two sharp, well-tailored suits and all the right accessories. Use… Continue reading

How to Wear Pearls: From Every Day to Wedding Day

Though the more formal, vintage look of pearls can make them daunting to incorporate into your look, pearls add a sophisticated touch to any outfit, for any occasion. Keep pearls in your regular jewelry rotation with the suggestions below. How to Wear Pearls Every Day Instantly make a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers outfit or casual dress look pulled together with a pearl accent. Stick with simple, dainty pieces for everyday wear. Simple Pearl Studs A… Continue reading

2019’s Top Engagement Ring Trends

The traditional round diamond ring is giving way to a wave of both vintage and modern trends that have breathed a new style of elegance into engagement ring fashion. Whether you prefer a modern pear shape with ruby accents or a classic, time-honored design, Sissy’s Log Cabin jewelry professionals are here to help you create the ring of your dreams. Here are the three of 2019’s top engagement ring trends: Pear and Oval While the… Continue reading

2 Ways To Wear Birthstones in 2019

Colored gemstones have made a comeback in rings, necklaces, earrings and more this year. Consider a brilliant gift for your forever and two ways they might wear them: January: Garnet February: Amethyst March: Aquamarine April: Diamond May: Emerald June: Pearl July: Ruby August: Peridot September: Sapphire October: Opal November: Topaz December: Turquoise Rings When it comes to including birthstones on a ring, we recommend considering gemstone accents. Many birthstone gems are lower than 7.5 on… Continue reading

The Holiday Seven: The Statement Necklace

Why should bold statement necklaces be reserved for stars on the red carpet? If you really want to up the Christmas gift game this year, buy the special lady in your life a statement necklace. Formal occasions, weddings, and black tie events call for a bold statement and what better way to make the person you love special this holiday season. The right necklace has the ability to turn a pretty outfit into a party…

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The Holiday Seven: Drop Earrings

Earrings are one of the most essential elements of a jewelry wardrobe – and every special lady should have a pair under the tree this year. Because people tend to look at your face first, earrings are a great way to frame your face and show off your features. Drop earrings are a holiday fashion must have and can help make a statement throughout the year. The versatility of the drop earring makes it easy…

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The Holiday Seven: A Classic Watch

The classic watch is the perfect gift this holiday season for that special someone who loves the classics. With a variety of brands to choose from, the classic watch is a staple in the must have fashion items for both men and women. When buying a high-quality timepiece, you should look for good mechanical movement, a sturdy bracelet or strap and a strong case made of gold, steel, ceramic, or titanium. A classic timepiece should…

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