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Sissy's Log Cabin Blog

The Difference Between Estate, Vintage and Antique Jewelry

It may seem the terms “estate,” “vintage” and “antique” are used interchangeably when referring to second-hand jewelry, yet each term has its own distinct meaning. In fact, you can easily find out how educated someone is about a piece of jewelry based on how correctly they use these three terms. Read on to learn more about the meaning behind estate, vintage and antique jewelry. Estate Jewelry Estate jewelry is a general term that refers to… Continue reading

Finding treasure in an Estate Jewelry Collection

As a trusted vendor of estate jewelry, we believe it is our responsibility to provide enthusiasts and collectors with the tools and resources to buy estate pieces safely and effectively. Here are Sissy’s top recommendations and tips for sourcing estate jewelry: 1. Make sure you find a reputable estate jewelry vendor Especially for those who seek fine estate jewelry, it’s essential to find a vendor that is established and trusted within your community. In most… Continue reading

Take a trip back in time!


Our founder Sissy Jones began her career with antique and estate jewelry and Sissy maintains her passion and interest in jewelry to this day. Her collection is robust and intricate. Each piece tells a story! One of our favorites in her summer collection is this whimsical Golden Race Horse Tribute Pin. Wouldn’t it look amazing worn on Derby Day? Another personal favorite is the thick and luxurious Golden Snake Chain Necklace. These necklaces were extremely…

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