Sissy's Log Cabin

Career Opportunities

MASTER JEWELER, Sissy’s Log Cabin, Little Rock, AR.

Duties: mix, cut, shape,  solder, and weld metal into jewelry pieces using cutting, carving, and heating tools  and/or any appropriate tools and machinery; examine and evaluate surfaces and  internal structure of gemstones for genuineness, color, perfection, and quality of cut;  form models from wax or metal, using carving tools and other appropriate tools and  machinery; set diamonds and colored gemstones in various styles and techniques;  perform repairs, reshapes, and restyles to jewelry by replacing broken parts and  using hand tools to improve aesthetics and quality of pieces; develop, design, and  create new jewelry based on own and others’ specifications using precision and  semiprecious stones and fine metals; conduct tests and inspections of jewelry to  evaluate quality and durability. Position requires 4 years of training in the fields of  jewelry, precious stones, and metal work. In addition, qualified candidates must have  11 years of experience in the position of master jeweler. Due to the high-end nature  of clientele, this position also requires skills in old-world jewelry fabrication  techniques. Apply by sending resume to [email protected].