Brilliant Proposals: Sheena and Brad

With the decision to spend a lifetime together, an engagement ring is the single most important piece of jewelry a couple will purchase, and we always enjoy helping them find the ring they will love for a lifetime. When Brad came to Sissy’s Log Cabin to buy an engagement ring for his then-girlfriend, Sheena, we were excited to help him mark this exciting step in their relationship.

6-800x571 Brilliant Proposals: Sheena and Brad

Brad and Sheena’s love story began when the two were set up by Sheena’s former college roommate. Reluctant to go on a blind date, Sheena took some convincing, but was eventually persuaded to talk to Brad over the phone. After a few charming phone conversations, the two set a date. Brad, who lived in Monticello at the time, drove more than an hour and a half to pick up Sheena, and she was continually pleased at what a perfect gentleman he was. Opening doors, offering his arm when walking, pulling out chairs… everything Brad did showed his caring, attentive nature. There was even a football game on TV right in Brad’s line of sight, but not once did his eyes stray from Sheena. When she told him how impressed she was that he hadn’t glanced at the TV, he responded by smiling and saying, “Well I’m just really impressed by you”.

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From that moment on, the two knew they had something special. They continued dating, and Brad even made the move to Little Rock so the two could live in the same city for a blissful eight months before Brad, a Blackhawk helicopter pilot, was deployed to Iraq with a MedVac crew.

3-600x800 Brilliant Proposals: Sheena and Brad
4-600x800 Brilliant Proposals: Sheena and Brad
7-800x600 Brilliant Proposals: Sheena and Brad
8-800x600 Brilliant Proposals: Sheena and Brad

His 11-month deployment felt like ages for both Brad and Sheena. When they reunited at the airport, they knew they never wanted to spend that much time a part ever again.

9-600x800 Brilliant Proposals: Sheena and Brad

One day in October, Brad received an exciting call that he had been extended a new job offer. The couple was thrilled, and Brad suggested they plan a date to celebrate the occasion. He made a reservation for Arthur’s Steakhouse that Friday.

The big day finally arrived, and the two shared a wonderful meal of oysters, champagne and decadent steaks. Once the meal was over, Sheena left the table for a moment. When she returned, she sat down to find a large, silver photo album sitting in front of her. When she opened it, she read the words, “You are the chapter I never want to end, the book I will never close.”

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She began to flip through the album to find photos of special places where important events in their relationship had taken place – where they had their first date, the first spot Brad told Sheena he loved her, the place they celebrated their first anniversary and the restaurant they went to on their last date before Brad was deployed. After all these pictures, the next page simply held the words, “What’s next?” Sheen turn the page to find a photo of Arthur’s Steakhouse and the very table where they were sitting. She then turned the page again to find a photo of a little blue Sissy’s Log Cabin box and the words, “Will you marry me?”

10 Brilliant Proposals: Sheena and Brad

Sheena looked up from the photo album to see Brad pulling the same blue box out from his coat pocket. She immediately jumped up into his arms exclaiming “Yes, yes, yes!” Other people at the restaurant began clapping and cheering for the newly engaged couple. It was then that Brad asked Sheena, “Would you like to put your ring on?” Brad opened the box to reveal a stunning marquise solitaire engagement ring, and Sheena was overwhelmed with excitement.

11-800x533 Brilliant Proposals: Sheena and Brad
12-800x533 Brilliant Proposals: Sheena and Brad

The two were then served another round of champagne and a beautiful dessert, then spent the next hour laughing, talking and basking in their new engagement.

13-600x800 Brilliant Proposals: Sheena and Brad
14-800x533 Brilliant Proposals: Sheena and Brad

If you’re planning a proposal, stop by Sissy’s Log Cabin in Pine Bluff, Little Rock, Jonesboro or Memphis and let one of our jewelry experts help you make it as brilliant as possible. Whether you choose from our stunning bridal collection or create your own custom design, we’ll help you find the perfect engagement ring that fits both your style and budget.

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16-800x572 Brilliant Proposals: Sheena and Brad