Brilliant Proposals: Chandler and Mitchell

Selecting an engagement ring is an important task – and we love coming alongside couples to help them find their perfect ring. When Mitchell came to look for a ring for his future fiancé, Chandler, we jumped at the chance to help him find one worthy of their once-in-a-lifetime love.

Here’s Their Story:

Though Chandler and Mitchell grew up a mere 20 miles apart, their story didn’t begin until they both moved to Jonesboro to attend Arkansas State University. The two had lots of mutual friends in college – friends who would often tell Chandler that Mitchell was interested in her. Though Mitchell was convinced the two would be together one day, Chandler was focused on college life, and simply didn’t see how she would have time to date Mitchell or anyone else. Mitchell still found ways to talk to Chandler though, and the two began conversing daily. As their friendship grew, Chandler couldn’t help but notice how much they had in common – and that she was beginning to develop feelings for Mitchell. The two soon began dating.

Two years into their relationship, Mitchell decided to propose. He knew their anniversary weekend would be the perfect time to pop the question, the only hurdle he had to overcome was keeping his plans a secret from Chandler. Chandler had begun to get suspicious that Mitchell would propose soon, and after accidentally seeing an email from Sissy’s Log Cabin jewelry expert Sunnye Boyd, she knew he was in the process of buying a ring. Unable to withstand the suspense, Chandler began to look through Mitchell’s emails for clues as to when and where he might pop the question. She confided her actions to her closest girlfriends, who immediately relayed the message back to Mitchell. Armed with the knowledge of Chandler’s snooping, Mitchell sent Sunnye an email telling her the proposal would happen that Sunday… a day before he planned to pop the question. 

The Proposal:

Saturday night came, and Chandler went out to eat with some of her friends from high school. She told them she was getting engaged the next day, and began brainstorming where the proposal would happen. Chandler, a talented singer, often performs at the Collins Theatre in Paragould, and had always dreamed of getting married there one day. Right as the thought crossed her mind, she told her friends, “maybe he is going to do it at the Collins Theatre. Let’s drive by it when we leave.”

As Chandler pulled up to the historic Collins Theatre, she saw the marquee sign read “Coming soon June 18, 2016, ‘Getting Hitched to Mitch,’ Starring Chandler Gill and Mitchell Weber.” Still convinced the proposal wouldn’t happen until the next day, Chandler refused to go inside, even after her friends jumped out of the car and left her behind. Confused, Chandler sat in the car until her dad came out to the vehicle and asked her to follow him into the building.

When she entered the theatre, she saw the space was completely decorated with quotes about love and photos of the couple. She walked up to a chair on the stage and sat down. Then, as “Falling Again” by Barrett Baber began to play, Mitchell walked out from backstage, got on one knee, and asked her to marry him. Mitchell had succeeded in surprising Chandler, and she joyfully said, “Yes!” After the proposal, Chandler and Mitchell celebrated with their closest friends and family, who had been watching from the balcony the entire time.

Chandler and Mitchell’s proposal story is simply beautiful, and consider it a privilege that we could play a part in it. From ring selection to helping Mitchell surprise his bride, Sunnye Boyd in our Memphis location loved helping Mitchell find the perfect diamond engagement ring and surprise proposal – and we want to do the same for you. Stop by any of our locations in Little Rock, Jonesboro, Pine Bluff or Memphis to look through our brilliant bridal collection, and find the perfect ring for your style and budget.

Photography: Chelsey Smith