Brilliant Proposals: Alix and Jeremy

When you’re purchasing an engagement ring, there are many factors to consider. At Sissy’s Log Cabin, we help you make sure everything falls into place. We were delighted to give Jeremy advice on selecting the perfect ring for his then-girlfriend, Alix.

Jeremy and Alix met at West Little Rock CrossFit. Jeremy asked a mutual close friend, Sheena, to arrange for the three of them to have drinks together one night. They danced the whole night, and Jeremy asked Alix if he could take her out to dinner some time. Although Alix told Jeremy she wasn’t looking to date anyone from the gym, they did exchange their contact information and started texting.

After asking Alix to dinner every day for a couple of weeks, Jeremy finally convinced her to go out with him – on her terms. Alix invited Jeremy over to dinner, thinking it would be casual enough to not be a date. However, the two hit it off, and, according to Jeremy, the evening “was definitely a date.” After a year together, Jeremy decided it was time to take their love story to the next level.

Before proposing to Alix, Jeremy needed her family’s blessing. Instead of just asking her father’s permission, he also asked her aunt’s and uncle’s. They all three approved of him. All that was left to do was find the perfect ring for Alix.

Eric Frederiksson, a Sales Professional at the Little Rock Store, also worked out with them, so Sissy’s Log Cabin in Little Rock was Jeremy’s natural choice for a jeweler. Eric helped him select the perfect setting with the diamond he knew Alix would love.

Because Jeremy was so focused on finding the perfect engagement ring, he hadn’t considered a wedding band. Eric at Sissy’s helped him choose an engagement ring that would universally fit any wedding band. This way, Alix and Jeremy will not be limited when they come back to Sissy’s for wedding bands.

Eric had the engagement ring ready less than a week after Jeremy designed it. Jeremy was afraid Alix would find the ring if he held onto it, so we stored it in our vault until the day of his proposal.

When the day finally arrived, Jeremy picked up the ring and headed to his and Alix’s favorite camping spot in the Ouachita Mountains, and Alix planned to arrive later that day. It was the first weekend of perfect fall weather, so she invited all of her friends, unknowingly planning her own engagement celebration.

As the sun began to set, Jeremy led her to the edge of the mountain to show her the breathtaking view. Take her breath away he did, as he dropped to one knee and asked Alix to marry him.

Alix said “yes,” and is thrilled to spend the rest of her life with Jeremy. She also adores her ring and the thoughtfulness behind it, especially its connection to the her CrossFit friends and it’s potential to match any wedding band.

Eric at Sissy’s in Little Rock gave Jeremy advice that resulted in the perfect ring—and perfect future wedding band—for Alix. If you’re thinking about popping the question, visit Sissy’s Log Cabin in Pine Bluff, Little Rock, Jonesboro or Memphis for the best service and selection around.