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Sissy's Log Cabin Blog

Brilliant Proposals: Chandler and Mitchell

Selecting an engagement ring is an important task – and we love coming alongside couples to help them find their perfect ring. When Mitchell came to look for a ring for his future fiancé, Chandler, we jumped at the chance to help him find one worthy of their once-in-a-lifetime love. Here’s Their Story: Though Chandler and Mitchell grew up a mere 20 miles apart, their story didn’t begin until they both moved to Jonesboro to… Continue reading

Brilliant Proposals: Ariana and Hunter

Every engagement should be marked by a truly exquisite ring, and we love helping lovely couples find the perfect piece to commemorate the day they decided on forever – couples like Ariana and Hunter. Here’s Their Story: Ariana and Hunter met while attending the same high school, but aside from a teenage crush, were never more than friends. Years later, the two reconnected at a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, and began dating. After three years… Continue reading

Get Your Ring Spring Cleaned

The first time you laid eyes on your engagement ring, it was so beautiful you couldn’t quite believe it was really yours. The gleam of the shiny metal, the way the brilliant stone caught the light… it was all simply captivating. While that was a once-in-a-lifetime moment, you can have that feeling again. All it takes is a little spring cleaning – spring ring cleaning that is. Regular professional ring cleanings are an important part… Continue reading

Brilliant Proposal, Beautiful “I Do”: Audrey and Kasper

A proposal is an exciting event. You and your partner are reflecting on the events that led you to fall in love, while also looking forward to the rest of your lives together. Sissy’s Log Cabin has the privilege of helping commemorate this special occasion, and we love nothing more than helping happy couples find the perfect ring to mark the beginning of their engagement – couples like Audrey and Kasper. In the fall of… Continue reading

Brilliant Proposals: Sheena and Brad

With the decision to spend a lifetime together, an engagement ring is the single most important piece of jewelry a couple will purchase, and we always enjoy helping them find the ring they will love for a lifetime. When Brad came to Sissy’s Log Cabin to buy an engagement ring for his then-girlfriend, Sheena, we were excited to help him mark this exciting step in their relationship. Brad and Sheena’s love story began when the… Continue reading

Jonesboro 5th Anniversary

Our Jonesboro store is celebrating its 5th anniversary today! Way to go Jonesboro! The entire Sissy's Log Cabin team is very proud of the legacy you have created from scratch. The Jonesboro team and your leadership should be very proud on such an important anniversary. Continue reading

Brilliant Proposals: Jesse and Madelyn

Nothing brings us more joy than helping happy couples choose their forever rings. Whether the engagement ring will be a complete surprise or we help two love birds create their own custom design, it’s an honor to play a part in such an important occasion for so many incredible couples… couples like Madelyn and Jesse. Madelyn and Jesse met as students at Cabot High School. When Jesse, older than Madelyn, graduated and went off to… Continue reading

Brilliant Proposals: Paige and Stephen

We’re always delighted to be involved in one of the most important occasions in a couple’s love story: the proposal. When Stephen came to our Little Rock location to look at engagement rings for his girlfriend at the time, Paige, we knew we were about to be a part of something special. The day of the proposal, Stephen picked up Paige for a “Breezeventure” – the couple’s code word for a special date. Once in… Continue reading

Keeping Love Young

Young love is beautiful to witness, and we’ve seen it between couples of all ages and stages of their relationship. Less to do with a number and more to do with a state of freshness and playfulness, young love happens when a couple manages to capture that elusive feeling of butterflies felt in the beginning of a relationship, and carry it with them for years to come. One of our favorite parts of working in…

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The Holiday Seven: The Statement Necklace

Why should bold statement necklaces be reserved for stars on the red carpet? If you really want to up the Christmas gift game this year, buy the special lady in your life a statement necklace. Formal occasions, weddings, and black tie events call for a bold statement and what better way to make the person you love special this holiday season. The right necklace has the ability to turn a pretty outfit into a party…

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