Ashton Morgan & Jonathon Street


The big day for Hot Springs couple Ashton Morgan and Jonathon Street is just around the corner! The two will say “I do” on Halloween (yes, really!) at the Ausley Family Farm in Bismark.

It’s not every day you hear about Super Bowl halftime proposals, but that’s exactly what happened with this dynamic duo. Here’s the story from Ashton:

Jon & Ashton have been friends since November of 2011, and started dating in June of 2014. They instantly hit it off and both knew that they wanted to spend their lives together. Jonathon entered to win the Sissy’s Log Cabin Super Bowl Proposal Competition by submitting their love story and doing numerous interviews. After receiving the exciting news that he had won the competition, he surprised the love of his life by proposing during half time on February 1st, 2015 at the exact spot where they had met, in front of their friends & family.

Score! Congratulations, Jon and Ashton!

02-arkansas-engagement-ashton-morgan-jonathon-street-690 Ashton Morgan & Jonathon Street

03-arkansas-engagement-ashton-morgan-jonathon-street-379 Ashton Morgan & Jonathon Street

04-arkansas-engagement-ashton-morgan-jonathon-street-246 Ashton Morgan & Jonathon Street