A Love That Grows


“I’m so proud of us,” Sharri Jones began. “We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this past autumn.” Sharri Jones might not get the media attention that her husband Bill Jones, Owner and President of Sissy’s Log Cabin Fine Jewelry, does but it’s easy to see why they’ve made it so many years together as both a couple in love and a couple in business. Love, loyalty, and family first.

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To see Sharri’s diamond ring now is to view a true work of art. Her gorgeous, over-the-top diamond is a staggering 8.53 carats of bling that you simply can’t miss (even from across the room!) The Jones family history wasn’t always diamonds and affluence. Just a few decades back, it was Sissy and her son Bill in the original log cabin jewelry store, running the business, trying to make ends meet.

Sissy-cabin-Sept A Love That Grows

Sharri smiles remarking on those earlier times. “It was Bill working the jeweler’s bench at night and then selling at the jewelry counter by day,” referring to the humble set-up the company once had, just him and Sissy. To see Sissy’s Log Cabin now, you might not know about those early beginnings and all the rich stories that grew this family business to such notoriety throughout Arkansas.

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When Bill Jones proposed to Sharri, he knelt on one knee with a .75 carat engagement ring in hand. The young couple from modest beginnings focused on hard work and their own personal drive; Bill working long hours at the jewelry store and Sharri juggling three jobs to keep their family afloat. By their fifth wedding anniversary, they celebrated the occasion with a 1 carat ring. The birth of the couple’s second son, Wyatt, was cause to celebrate with a 3 carat ring. For the Jones’ 20th wedding anniversary, they gladly celebrated with a 5 carat diamond.

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To Sharri and Bill, fine jewelry represents not only an accomplishment, but a cherished memory and a way to celebrate the milestones in their lives. Each time they got a larger diamond, they traded in the old diamond. “It’s like a getting a new car,” Sharri explains. “All my special pieces have a story behind them. The jewelry makes you remember those moments and surrounds each moment with more fun!” As Sharri says, there’s no reason to hold onto the smaller diamond when you’re ready for the upgrade.

SHERRIS-RING_019 A Love That Grows


… But what about the gorgeous stunner on Sharri’s finger today? That beauty at 8.53?! “Bill told me, you have to be specific and tell them it’s eight AND point-fifty-three carats!” Sharri smiles. That was quite a celebration for Sharri’s 50th birthday!

When asked how Bill presented her the massive ring, Sharri smiles softly and said, “He just pulled it out of his pocket. I love that. No box or anything, just the ring.” Truly sweet, truly perfect, truly the American dream- living right here in Central Arkansas!

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