5 Styling Hacks to Make Your Suit Go Farther This Summer Season

The summer months – and wedding season – are fast approaching, along with lots of opportunities to bust out your best suit. Though you may enjoy dressing up, it’s easy for your look to start feeling repetitive as you wear the same suit to event after event. Freshening up your outfit doesn’t require purchasing a completely new ensemble, though; all you need is one or two sharp, well-tailored suits and all the right accessories. Use the guide below to find out how you make sure your suit makes a new statement at every event this season.

Tie Clip

Tie clips combine both function and fashion by keeping your tie in place while also adding some visual interest to your look. From simple, sleek metal to intricate designs, tie clips come in a variety of styles. They also come in a range of lengths, so make sure your tie clip isn’t wider than your tie.


Adding a watch to your suit is one of the easiest ways to create a look that oozes style. Simply make sure the dressiness of your watch matches the formality of your suit. For example, opt for a simple dress watch for a black-tie affair, and a casual stainless steel timepiece for a cocktail-attire event.

Pocket Square

The addition of a pocket square can completely change the look of your go-to suit. Stock up on pocket squares in varying colors, patterns and fabrics to give yourself ample options every time you get ready for an event. Make sure your pocket square compliments, but doesn’t exactly match, your tie. Your tie and pocket square combo should also compliment your suit color. For example, icy blues look stunning with a grey suit, and pops of color pair well with a khaki suit.


Worn with French cuff shirts, cufflink styles range from simple to outlandish, and can be used to add subtle sophistication to an outfit or an extra dose of personality. Choose classic cufflinks for the office or formal event, and try a novelty pair for more relaxed social events.

Lapel Pin

A lapel pin is typically used to show your membership or association with an organization, but decorative ones can also be used to add some flair to your look. When choosing a decorative lapel pin, follow the same rule you would when choosing cufflinks: save eccentric lapel pins for more laid-back atmospheres, and wear simple ones for upscale affairs.

Bringing a new look to every wedding this season is easy with the right pieces, and at Sissy’s Log Cabin, we have a range of men’s accessories that match a variety of styles and budgets. Stop by our locations in Pine Bluff, Little Rock, Jonesboro or Memphis to shop alongside one of our jewelry experts.