2019’s Top Engagement Ring Trends

Engagement-ring-blog-image 2019’s Top Engagement Ring TrendsThe traditional round diamond ring is giving way to a wave of both vintage and modern trends that have breathed a new style of elegance into engagement ring fashion. Whether you prefer a modern pear shape with ruby accents or a classic, time-honored design, Sissy’s Log Cabin jewelry professionals are here to help you create the ring of your dreams. Here are the three of 2019’s top engagement ring trends:

Pear and Oval

While the traditional round cut stone will remain a cherished classic, pear and oval rings are trending as the stone of choice this year. Due to their structure, pear shaped stones hold more color than round stones. Pear and oval shaped diamonds require unique settings to preserve their quality. You can choose between the bezel setting, where the stone is embedded, or a v-prong, where the stone is raised and protected by five points. These settings ensure that the stone will retain its quality. The popularity of pear and oval shaped diamonds mark a distinct shift in engagement ring style that will cause heads to turn for generations.


Brides-to-be in 2019 are gravitating towards uniquely designed engagement rings with colored accent stones. Gemstones in past years have occasionally decorated the wedding band instead of diamonds. But this year, rings may include a spectrum of colored gemstone including rubies, sapphires, amethysts, and more. Brides are shifting to patterns where their band’s stones mix or alternate with other diamonds or gemstones. Sissy’s Log Cabin offers custom creation with the help of our jewelry experts to ensure your walk down the aisle is perfect.

Yellow Gold

During UK’s royal wedding in 2018, Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle a cushion cut diamond ring with two matching accent stones that belonged to Princess Diana on either side. Yellow gold metal has since soared in popularity. It contains more pure gold than the classic white-gold and is, therefore, less durable. Due to this, your ring will require more frequent cleaning. A benefit of the gold composition is that your you can repair and exchange settings more easily than the traditional metals. Sissy’s Log Cabin offers an exquisite selection of yellow gold rings that can be custom crafted to fit your dream ring.

Whether you prefer pear-shaped diamonds, a cascade of accent gemstones, or yellow gold rings Sissy’s Log Cabin has the unmatched service and selection to help you find your forever. Our doors are open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Jonesboro, and Memphis.